“ A culture of peace requires the participation of women.”
Lakshmi Puri


Alexandra Toussaint

Andou Christelle

Cassandra Charles

Dieulene Damas

Florence Alouidor

Fabiola St Louis

Gilberthe Mesadieu

Sylveta G. Civil

Ginette Louijuste

Hetty Asare

Jenny Delcy

Jasmine Alcanthe

Jasmine Vendredi

Jacqueline Toussaint

Marcelle Phanord

Marly Delatour

Marlaine Thompson

Nancy Phanord

Naderge Brizard

Nedgy Jastram

Sophie Saintilus

Smeralda Phanord Leon

Stephanie Delinois

Stephane Cherisme

Tamara Paulin

Tania Faldony

Victoria Luma

Weslande Pletal

Yvelie Phanord

Yole Fanfan

There Is No Me Without You

You are the reflection of my inner virtues.

In your strength, I see my courage.
In your calm, I find my peace.
In your kindness, I see my own worth.
In your trust, I do believe.

I pledge my value in your presence, be it far or near to me.
I pledge my confidence in your honor, to know you’re beside me sets me free.
I pledge respect in your decisions, and the will to guide them straight and true.
I pledge to illuminate the darkness, and be the light that shines for you.
I pledge to cherish any secrets, and be a haven to your fears.

With many numbers and one heart, we protect our voice in freedom.
Together, we are a force of loyalty, and a sanctuary of respect and dignity.
Together, we support and encourage one another, as each and all our sister’s keeper.

I vow to nurture our bond and acquaintance with love and watch it blossom.
I vow to fortify your feelings, thoughts and actions with vitality, unity and oneness.

As a sister, I triumph over your fears, adversity and hardships as if they were my own.
As a sister, I respect my mind, body and soul so that I can strengthen yours.

The more I pour into you, the stronger we become.
The stronger that we are, the stronger that we stand.
This is my pledge to you.

I pledge to respect my vows to you, my sisters, because there is no me without you.

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