Our Shop features women’s products and collections made possible by voluntary donations from generous members and philanthropic interests from around the world. Proceeds go towards the Relief Fund for Haiti as well as charity organizations and events that deliver focused aid with a clear goal — to improve quality of life and build opportunities in togetherness.

The Relief Fund for Haiti went into full action during the 2021 Haiti earthquake and delivered direct financial support into the hands of affected families. Me2Gether members and organizers stayed in ongoing contact with dozens of families during the humanitarian crisis and ensured that financial aid was received and gave access to food, clean water and essential supplies.

Proceeds for Our Shop also go towards educational programs for women featuring our proprietary Me2Gether Scholarship, which benefits fully Haitian Women by way of Haitian Women of Me2Gether — in the first-ever scholarship of its kind.

In celebration of our unity through Sisterhood, proceeds from Our Shop help fund regular events and assemblies such as our upcoming July 9th Gala, by which we bring awareness to disadvantaged groups and statistics of glaring societal barriers — such as the fact that women constitute 67% of the world’s illiterate adults.

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