Haitian Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mothers

From the moment we bring a child into the world, life takes on a whole new meaning. It begins by challenging our patience and discipline, and evolves into high-wire devotion — where a balancing act of love, responsibility and determination forever define us. There are no lengths to which a mother will not go. And in all her sacrifice, a mother sees herself in her children, as if the greatest expression of self-love is to be a parent first.

In our Haitian mothers, we need not look further to find selflessness in its purest form. Their stern, unfaltering care is like an impenetrable shell protecting unconditional love. Their motherly resilience, stubborn in every way, refuses to prioritize anything but family and future. And when the moment arrives, this innate talent often births great men and women from the lowest classes of the world.

Exemplified in Madan Sara, Haitian mothers carry the mark of shrewd, resourceful and tireless business with the sole ambition of providing. And through their invaluable time and actions, wonders arise, from commercial pillars of society to offspring who make great progress in their communities — as if each day were an investment in the collective future. Such raw, unconventional love is the root of the world, and mothers are its sun and water.

Happy Happy Mother’s Day from ME2GETHER

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