“Together,we support and encourage one another, as each and all our sister’s keeper.”

Ms. Erlange Glezile

Co-Founder and CEO of ME2GETHER Organization

Ms. Glezile is the mother of two boys, age 5, and age 6. She is a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Ms. Glezile co-founded ME2GETHER with Dr. Marie-Reine Byron in 2021, and currently serves as its CEO. Apart from being co-founder and CEO of ME2GETHER, Ms. Glezile is also a Life insurance educator and producer.

Ms. Glezile considers herself a public servant whose professional and personal goals intercross at the betterment of life. In her career, Ms. Glezile is able to communicate generational values of legacy and how to ensure familial security and success, which brings comfort to people at all stages of life.

A strong advocate of women’s empowerment, Ms. Glezile has always dreamed of a place where women can get together for comfort, nurture, and strength in the pursuit of lifelong and mutual prosperity. She has always believed that if enough women join hands in solidarity, their energy becomes a force that can reach anywhere and anything, and bring lasting change to the world.

Her dream came true, when, together with her close friend Dr. Byron, Ms. Glezile founded the ME2GETHER Sisterhood Society. Through it, Ms. Glezile can share in the benign principles and values that have shaped her and allow her to live the fullest life of a woman.

A favorite poem of Ms. Glezile, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules the World” by William Ross Wallace, conveys the sentiments that are daily captured in Ms. Glezile thoughts and feelings. Ms. Glezile believes that women are Divine creatures here on Earth, that our hands are meant to create wonders, and that we are the pillars of society and the Atlas on which it stands.
She believes that as covenant-keeping women, ME2GETHER members must let their light shine bright and cast its brilliance on the organization, its fellow members, and the communities of the world. In this way, women enter a bond to fulfill their duties to themselves and to others as the pillars of society, and can rise up and stand out when humanity needs us most.

Ms. Glezile wears many hats, and loves to spend time with her family and share in the wealth of femininity with her Sisters around the globe.

“There’s no me without you.”
- Erlange Glezile

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